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There are 4 online courses that a Western Australian company has produced, have been designed to make the student ready for what they were going to have to go through in the first 6 months of their mining career. I recommend you do these courses in order to get your mining knowledge up to speed.
When you go to site part of the training is on the surface in the class room. The rest is conducted on the job, normally by a senior crew member. The courses that I recommend contain both the surface and on the job training, they use the WA mining Act as the standard in explaining all tasks/jobs/skills.
If you can tell an employer how you are going to water down a heading or scale a wall in an interview, then it gives the employer the confidence to hire.

Do it Yourself $450

To start and purchase the “Do it Yourself” package, follow the link below to the Underground Training website. This website hosts the online courses and has been updated so you can use a tablet or phone as well as computer. The payment/enrolment system is automated so please ensure that your Billing details are correct as it is used to generate your login and email it to you. This information also generates your certificates as you complete each course.


4 Responses

  1. Is this a one time payment ?
    • miningcoach
      Yes it’s a one off payment
  2. It seems mining coach is only geared towards underground? Cathy
    • miningcoach
      Hi Cathy Yes our background is in the underground mining side of things however a lot of the information contained in the first 2 courses applies to working on the surface or in the mill. Over the years we have had a number of students end up in the mill or on the surface (all really good paying jobs) because they knew how the mine works More than happy to have a chat to you about what sort of mining job you want and what you are going to have to do to get it. Hope that helps

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