A full service program designed to get you into the Hardrock Underground Mining Industry

Welcome to Workready, where I take a direct hands on approach in preparing you for the Hardrock underground mining industry. My goal is to give the employers what they want, a candidate with mining knowledge that will fit straight in, understanding the systems of work used on over 100 large mines around Australia (there are large working hardrock underground mines in all states). With over 20 years experience and having helped hundreds of people to get their start, I have a pathway that works.

Workready has been designed to produce a candidate that can hold a mining conversation with the Foreman/Project Manager, during the interview. If you have a good understanding of how the mine operates and the jobs that you are going to have to do, it gives the Foreman/PM the confidence to hire. As part of the package, I redo your resume making it mining friendly, conduct interview prep and test you on your mining knowledge. This is normally done over the phone but if you are in Perth I am more than happy to meet up with you.

The online courses that I get you to do (four online courses) will take a good 3 to 4 days (50 hours) to complete. The information is very specific and you need to understand and remember it. At the bottom of the page is a video that shows part of the course.

Be warned if you try too half-ass-it, by skipping though the information quickly, without understanding or retaining it, then you are going to get found out very quickly in the interviews. The Foreman/PM is going to want to have a good 15-25 minute talk about what you learned from the courses, this is the reason they are interviewing you. This is what makes or breaks you. Answer the questions with confidence and correctly they hire, don’t and they won’t. The employer will move onto the next candidate.

If I sign up, does that mean I am guaranteed a job?

No, like I explained above, I can’t control what happens in the interview. Only you can do that. What I can control, is making sure that you don't move forward until you are ready, being across the mining information is very important to getting the right result. If you require prompting to answer questions, it's not a good look, even if you get the rest of the answer right. Most Foreman/PM will let you get away with one or maybe two (if they have asked something really hard to test you) but if you have to be prompted more than twice, the employers will give you a miss. Again the employers are only looking for people that know the mining information.

I know that sounds harsh, but this is the way the industry works and when you sign up for the Workready package I am going to do my best to help you, even if that means having to tell you something that you may not want to hear, for your own good. The whole point of spending the extra money on the Workready program is to have direct access to an experienced person from the industry. So how much is it?

Workready $1250 

This package includes the 4 online Underground Training courses, the Australian mining seminar (explaining where and what we mine in Australia), a full resume review (send in your current resume and I will make it mining friendly), interview skill training, testing of your mining knowledge and ongoing advice. I still have people that I am helping get in years ago, contact me to ask advice about their career, as they rise though the ranks.

To start and purchase the “Workready” package, follow the link below to the Underground Training website. This website hosts the online courses and has been updated so you can use a tablet or phone as well as computer. The payment/enrollment system is automated so please ensure that your Billing details are correct as it is used to generate your login and email it to you. This information also generates your certificates as you complete each course.

Workready $1250