But what is experience?

It’s Knowledge, the time spent doing a job or knowing how something works. This is your in, once you decide what area you want to enter in the industry. You need to understand as much about the industry and the entry level jobs as you can.

Knowing how an underground mine works is a valuable commodity these days and if you can answer these questions below, then you have something to sell the mining employers.

What do you need to do if you smell stench gas?

When scaling what should you do if a rock slides down the scaling bar?

What are the duties of employees?

Why is it important to water down correctly?

Secondary ventilation needs what to be effective?

If I move my cap lamp in a circular motion what do I want you to do?

How should you park an LV underground?

Discuss safety and how the candidate is going to improve their safety once on site?

What are the steps involved in taking a cut?

What four things make a heading serviceable?

When scaling, where should you never scale?

When watering down the stope what are you looking for?

When extending the services what needs to be done before re-installing the headers?

When hanging services where is the smartest place to stand in the basket and perform the work?

Why is pooled water so dangerous in an underground mine?

Why is Safety so important?

Safety is such a critical part of mining these days,that the employer will want to know how you are going to operate safely. If you do get an interview then you will need to show the Foreman or Mine Manager that you will be able to work safely. The best way to achieve this is to explain to them what the job entails and how you are going to perform those duties in a safe manner. The only real way of doing this is to understand how the mine works.

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