I know where the jobs are, Yes there are Jobs

If you have been following the news in mining lately then I’m not telling you anything new by saying "the ass has fallen out of parts of the Australian mining industry". Anyone working within the iron ore and coal industry are only too happy to tell you that it's all over and no chance for a new starter, but is it? If you look at the jobs that are being advertise in the mining section of seek or indeed it becomes clear as to where the new jobs are. Hardrock mining is where the jobs are, in gold, silver and rear earths were the prices remain high. This increase in price has happened for a number of reasons, in the rear earth industry the different metals that are used in the advancements in batteries and there storage have all increased in price. It’s the mines that are involved with gold and silver that are hiring both for the surface or underground.

The problem that a lot of people are having in finding new starters jobs is that they continue to look in the same places that the jobs were during the last boom. It is important to understand that the jobs needing in each boom are different. What do i mean by that?

During the last boom they needed construction workers to build the mines and gas plants. The boom before that was in nickel with the price going as high as $45,000 a ton. Then before that it was in iron ore with the companies needing large numbers of truck drivers. I hope you see the point, you need to go after the area of the industry that this booming now not last time. If you are new to the industry then our $30 Australian Mining Seminar  will help you understand how big the industry is and where the jobs are.

To start and purchase the Australian mining seminar, follow the link below to the Underground Training website. This website hosts the online courses and has been updated so you can use a tablet or phone as well as computer. The payment/enrollment system is automated so please ensure that your Billing details are correct as it is used to generate your login and email it to you. This information also generates your certificates as you complete each course.

Australian Mining Seminar $30

Good luck to all those wanting to get a job.