Seminar on Australian Mining

We have decided it’s time to provide a new service to fill a void that has occurred in our education system. There is currently no short course or seminar that supplies enough information to allow the average person with no mining experience the ability to navigate the difficulties of getting their first mining job. The seminar called “Australian Mining” is ideal for someone that the industry would describe as green (some one that has no mining knowledge). It contains information about all the different minerals mined by the Australian mining industry. It will include a short history of Australian mining and how to present a mining friendly resume. It also covers some of the more challenging issues that can face people when they get the job.

Everyone knows the stories, you start making $300 to $400 a day at the start and after a couple of years you’re on $750 a day waiting for a shot at the $1500 a day job. Only problem is you have no idea where the jobs are or how to go about getting one. This information should be available, but it’s not, it’s just the result of having our state based systems, which is explained in great detail in the seminar.

This seminar contains a history of the industry, explaining where the boom time jobs have been in the past and where these jobs are now and into the future. Covering how best to present a mining friendly resume.

All you need is a computer, the internet and 3-4 hours.

Why should new starters do this?
So they can make an informed decision about whether or not you want a career in mining!
If you are looking for a start in the mining industry I can tell you that once you complete the seminar one of three thing will happen. You will either
1, Stop and go in a different direction, having now seen some of the conditions and location of the work you have decided that mining is not for you.
2, Decide that mining is for you and do some of the mining courses we recommend to help you get into the hardrock underground mining industry as a Nipper or truck driver.
3, Take the information you have learned from the seminar and start applying for other jobs. As long as you have a drivers licence then all the info you need is in the seminar to help you start applying for roles.

Any one of the 3 different results is a good result, because it has moved you onto the next phase of your life, you are no longer “looking into getting a mining job”. Finding out that mining is not for you at this stage is not a bad thing. You haven’t out laid that much time or money unlike the way others try to get a mining job. I have lost count the number of new starters I have seen only last a day or two over the years. Handing in their notice, thanking everyone for the opportunity while saying “it’s nothing like I thought it was going to be” or “it’s not for me”. Having spent all that time and often large amounts of money getting the job, only to get there and find out it’s not for you, its hard, very hard. That’s why the seminar includes detailed descriptions of the bad things that affect the industry.  Working out early that mining is not for you saves everyone time and money.

The work is out there, I helped a young guy here in Perth in June, after he completed the courses we recommend in the seminar. I redid his resume for him (I out line everything I did to the resume in the seminar) he had a start 8 days later. With a number of different companies offering interviews, he accepted a job as an underground truck driver in regional WA.

To start and purchase the Australian mining seminar, follow the link below to the Underground Training website. This website hosts the online courses and has been updated so you can use a tablet or phone as well as computer. The payment/enrollment system is automated so please ensure that your Billing details are correct as it is used to generate your login and email it to you.

Australian Mining Seminar $30

Good luck to all those wanting to get a job.