So the boom is back on? Happy snatch-it season everyone!

I see the jobs listed with January starts have already started, so we are extending our Snatch-it season (Xmas) special till the end of December. Get upgraded to our full service “Workready” package when you buy “Do it yourself” for $270.

If you have been watching the news in the last couple of weeks you will have seen that the mining industry needs people, 1,600 according to channel 7. So where to apply? There are lots of companies casting their nets far and wide on Facebook and Twitter, as well as ads on Seek. So what happens if you get caught for one of these jobs? What can you expect?

In the hardrock industry when a person enters the industry knowing nothing, that person is referred to as being “green”. If you go into the system “green” then you have 3 in 5 chance of failing in the first 6 months. People don’t like hearing this but it’s true and has been like that for years. It is one of the main reasons that I got involved in writing these courses. The idea of the courses is to give a person enough information about mining and the systems of work they use, so a new starter will survive the first 6 months. So what happens, why the big turnover?

There is a percentage that realise that mining is not for them and they generally last only days if not hours. Then there are the people that for whatever reason break a rule, in the first 6 months of employment. Because it’s still within the first 6 months of probation, it is easy to sack someone. The engineers in charge are ruthless when it comes to this. All in the name of safety they will tell you, nothing to do with KPI’s. So how can you prepare yourself? What can you do?

Like I said, this huge turnover was one of the reasons I got involved in the writing of the courses, that are available through Underground Training and can be done online. I have two packages, a full service package that I call “Workready” and a cheaper version called “Do it yourself”. Both come with the 4 online courses from Underground Training and the seminar focussed on Australian mining that goes into where the jobs are, which companies are hiring and how to write a mining friendly resume for those doing the “Do it yourself” package.

If you do “Workready” then once you finish the training I will redo your resume, making it mining friendly and get in contact to go through interview skills. I will also send out jobs for you to apply for via a weekly email as well as sending your resume to my contacts in the industry. When we do the interview skills I will test your mining knowledge and if you have retained the information from the courses. I am more than happy to put on your resume that you have been tested by a ticketed shift boss, have good mining knowledge and now understand how to fit into the crew as a truck driver, nipper or service crew member. This is not a given, I will only do this for those that have retained the information in the training. This is really important because it’s your knowledge from the courses that gives the employers a reason to hire you.

So how much does “Workready” cost, normally it’s $520 but as a snatch-it season (Xmas) special I am charging $270 the same price as my do it yourself package. If you have any question leave them in the link across the page. To sign up follow the link below.
Xmas special $380
Do it Yourself - $380.00

All payments are taken through Underground Training's payment portal to assist with the processing of logins for both the seminar and online courses.

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