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15 important mining facts new starter’s need to know

15 important facts that every new starter needs to know about the Australian hardrock mining industry. The boom is back on, with strong demand for new workers in exploration and hardrock underground mines across Australia. There are 1000’s of these well paid, full time jobs, going on hardrock mines (Gold, Nickel, Copper, Rare Earths) all…
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Australian hardrock underground mining, is world’s best practice

Lots of people around Australia know someone that works “in the mine’s”. What isn’t as well know is, the system of work we use to run our Hardrock underground mines is seen as world’s best practice. What makes this industry extra special, is the number of high paid jobs available to people in both skilled…
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How to get a mining employer to give you a go, as a New Starter

Like everything else in mining this depends on where you are trying to get a job. Each different type of mining (Hardrock Underground, Open Cut, Coal, Oil &Gas or Iron Ore) requires a different approach and requirements for a new starter to get a result. Yes, there is a way to get the employers attention…
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