Why 80% of the jobs on Hardrock mines have to be filled with Australian citizens

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Australian hardrock mining industry is, that it’s full of overseas workers on 457 visas.  When the reality is that all the blue-collar jobs (about 80% of jobs on site) are all classed as unskilled labour by the Australian government. This means the employers can only hire Australian citizens and permanent residents for these jobs. It’s only the trades (sparkies & fitters) and professional jobs (engineering, geology, metallurgist and surveyors) that the employers can recruit from overseas.

So where has all the confusion come from? If you have read some of my other blogs, you will know that the majority of people keep trying to get into the jobs that drove the last boom. In this case the last boom was in Oil & Gas, which required 10,000’s of people to build the refineries up north to process the gas. These site were like any construction site, requiring lots of trades, which the employers had to bring in from overseas to complete the projects.

That was the last boom, this time around the job shortages are in Hardrock mines around the country. We are a couple of years into an upswing in Gold and now that the world has realised that you need nickel, copper and lithium to make these batteries that we are going to put into everything, mines are being reopenned and ramped up. This means there is a real opportunity for people to get there start in the industry.

If you have been thinking about getting into the mining industry, then now is the time. The employers are in a tough spot, everyone that knows anything about mining that wants a job, has one. This presents a real opportunity for people that can show the employers that they have mining knowledge. If you know how the mine works and the jobs you are going to be expected to do then you have something to offer the employers.

So where can you get this mining knowledge?

There are 4 courses plus a seminar on Australian mining that will sort your mining knowledge
Basic mine site operation
Nipper and other important duties
Service Crew
Truck operation

All the information about how to make a mining friendly resume and interview prep questions is in the back of the Australian mining seminar. If you can answer the mining questions in the interview, then you have something to offer the employers and they do hire (its becomes a no-brainer if you have mining knowledge). However, if you aren’t across the mining information and you find yourself umming and arring then they will be very nice to you but they won’t hire. It’s the information you learn in the courses they are after, its what’s between your ears that they are interested in.

We offer 2 packages depending on the level of support you need you can

Do it Yourself $495

Workready $1250

Good luck to all those trying to get in the industry, mining knowledge is the key. Don't forget to use the 6PR code to get $50 off your course packages.

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