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Red Flags for Hardrock Mining Employers

Caution! The following information will upset people, it is however the truth, if an uncomfortable one, so sorry in advance and I do acknowledge that there will be exceptions that have got jobs despite the Red Flags, but they are few and far between. As a new starter to mining, the advice you take and…
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Why New Starters can’t get into Iron Ore or Oil & Gas

If you are trying to get into mining today as a new starter, then you have to look at hardrock underground mining as your best and only real option. To understand why, you need to know what has happened to all these different parts of the industry in the last 10years. First, Iron Ore. When…
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Why the boom is back on in hardrock underground mining

With the prices of a number of metals being at close to all-time highs, experienced miners are very thin on the ground and in short supply.  The big mining companies and contractors are keeping up the BHP tradition, of pushing wages and benefits to all-time highs to get the workforce required to run their mines.…
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