About the Mining Coach

I think the question that everyone will want to know is why am I doing this and how come I am not mining any more? After more than 20years in the industry, with a WA shift boss ticket and Cirt 4 in training I find myself now having been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that effects my eyes. It has now reached a stage that I know longer can work on site.

After 20 years flying around the country either mining or training I have had to find something else to do. As you can imagine I don't have a very town friendly set of skills, the closest thing that I have had to a town job was when I worked for UTS as a trainer, working in training rooms teaching people mining skills and helping them get jobs with the advice I passed on. This is where I have drawn inspiration to start the Mining Coach. To help people get their first start in the mining industry.

6 months ago when my eyes started to go it was a number of friends with in the industry that reminded me that I could again use my knowledge to help people make that first step into the industry by helping with a plan, the resume and interview skills required to get that first mining job.

Why should you use my services?

If you are serious about having a go at getting a mining job, then you need to know the rules to the game and how to play. Otherwise you may end up as one of these people that have been applying for years without getting an interview. If you hire me as your coach, it is my job to make sure we can and do everything possible for you to get the interview and the job.

If you would like to sign up or want more information then leave your details in the link across the page.