A mining friendly resume

Is there anything I need to do different when writing my resume for a mining job?, is there such a thing as a "Mining Resume" ?????

Yes there are things that you will have to do to your current resume to make it mining friendly, no it doesn't involve paying $500 to get a resume with pictures of dump trucks at the top of each page as many people try to sell. Your resume needs to be short 2-4 pages max with all important information on the front page? If you have a cover page you need to try to incorporate it into a small statement on the front page, the reason?

In mining it's not HR that do the hiring, yes they are often involved in the gathering  of candidates for up coming jobs and doing all the paper work it is all ways the foreman that does the hiring of the workers. This means that your resume will have to travel from head office where HR is located to site. Things get lost especially cover letters, I have seen it happen many times. This means that if you do get an interview then it will be a phone interview as a 3 way hook up between HR, the foreman and yourself.

So what is this important information that I need to put on the front of my resume?

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The one thing that I get asked more than anything else when someone finds out what I do for a living "What is the most important thing to have on my resume to get noticed"? The answer is simple your mining education. The reason I always answer like this is because you can be the nicest person that is, the best worker but if you don't know anything about mining then you are useless to the foreman reading the resume. Why?

Experience, currently when hiring new starters 3 out of 5 fail in the first 6 months, however it been proven when someone has an experience such as an education into mining, then failure rate went down to 1 in 10. This is why all the employers stipulate experience in their adds. Now if you can put on the front of your resume that you have completed a group of courses that taught you mining skills such as scaling, watering down and putting polly pipe together amongst other things, the employer is looking for someone with this experience then you are going to get you in for an interview.  As was proven with the latest student getting a job in an underground mine in 8 days.  The employer's want people with this knowledge, the knowledge to be able to hold a conversation about mining with the foreman during the interview, this is what gives the employer confidence to hire you.

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