Just how do you chase down a job?

The system that I use to help people get there first mining job works, it has worked as recently as June 2017 (see 8 days to get a job) was first conceived in late 2008. When a group of WA underground supervisors, having to deal with the high turnover of staff decided to try to do something about it. They formed a company and wrote a course that was designed to make the student ready for what they were going to have to go through in the first 6 months. This turned into a 3 day courses that was presented by a ticketed supervisor and employers from all over the country hired the students.

Did they hire everyone that did the course? No of course not, but 47% of the total students got jobs with 91% of students getting interviews. The interview stats are the most important thing to concentrate on, it tells us that the employers were happy with the skills and information provided in the course. This is why so many interviews are given. Why didn't everyone get a job? If your mining knowledge is not up to speed then they won't hire. I just want to stress, the employers want you to have retained the knowledge from the courses, to that end during the interviews the employers will test/ask you about what you have learned. They will spend at least 20 minutes, sometimes over 45 minutes trying to find out if you have learnt what you need to know to become an effective member of their team.

I worked as a trainer, running the 3 day course that they offered all over the country. I watched the training work, time after time, on both sides of the country and with both men and women. Why did it work?  To put simply, the courses teach the entry level jobs you are going to be required to do onsite as a new starter. This produces a person that had both the knowledge and confidence (you have to believe in yourself) to get the job and survive the first 6 months. That information has been put online into 4 courses by a Western Australian company Underground Training and is an excellent way to increase your mining knowledge.

Do it yourself, how it works!

Get yourself  educated, starting with the seminar Australian Mining that teaches you how to produce a mining friendly resume, then using the Underground Training online courses to improve you mining knowledge.  You will also need a manual car drivers licenses, its a deal breaker for most companies and offers a real advantage to most people over 45. Then;

Sort your resume out (using the seminar Australian Mining) and start training for that interview. Once you complete the training you are enrolled in my weekly newsletter in which I send you jobs I know of in the industry. Then, Apply, Apply, Apply there are lots of jobs around, I will be sending out a weekly email newsletter with jobs that I think you should be applying for as part of the Do it yourself package.

Have the interviews, keep working on those interview skills and your mining knowledge,  keep applying.

Get the job, do the medical, get to site.

Survive the first 6 months, put what you have learnt in the courses to advance.

I have watched this system work for hundreds of people, using mining knowledge to help them get their first job as a Nipper, Truck driver, service crew or drillers offsider. For me, the best part of the job is seeing people not only get a start but start climbing the ladder. One exciting/satisfying result was when I found out a guy that did the training in 2011 had made it onto a jumbo in just under 3 years. He sent me an message thanking me for the help not only getting the job but educating him so he could advance. I believe the sporting term for this is "making every post a winner". I'm not saying that this is going to happen for everyone, but it just goes to show what can be achieved.

Do it yourself package $495

I also offer a full service package called Workready that includes a resume rewrite to make your resume mining friendly. As well as session with me to go over your mining knowledge and interview skills. If you are in Perth I am more than happy to meet  to go over your situation.
This includes all the Underground Training courses and the Australian mining seminar.
If I am happy that you have learned what is in the courses and now have a good mining knowledge I am more than happy to put on your resume that I have reviewed your mining knowledge and I am happy with your standards.

Workready $1250 

To start and purchase the “Workready” package, follow the link below to the Underground Training website. This website hosts the online courses and has been updated so you can use a tablet or phone as well as computer. The payment/enrollment system is automated so please ensure that your Billing details are correct as it is used to generate your login and email it to you. This information also generates your certificates as you complete each course.