8 days to get a Job

I recently help a friend of a friend get a job in the mining industry.

It was the middle of June 2017 and he was the first person that I have help in a while due to ill health.

After he did the Underground Training courses that I recommended and I made his resume mining friendly, it took 45 minutes, very easy to do, I explain fully what I did in the Australian Mining seminar. We had a short chat about what to expect in the interview and how to use the information he had just learnt.

He used that resume and applied to about 50 different jobs, yes there are that many ads for nippers and truck drivers. Out of that he got 5 responses with offers for interviews. He told me that he reviewed the information in the courses again before his first interview. In which he got the job as an underground truck driver, first interview, not bad.  Now before everyone has a meltdown about which companies are looking to hire, I asked him to get some feedback from the employers to help the next students.

When asked the employers were all saying the same thing, that out of the 1000’s of resumes they receive from new starters, his was the only one that had shown the thought to have prepare themselves for the job, by educating himself to the rules and terms used on their mine sites. They liked he had good mining knowledge, being able to understood the terminology used, understanding the jobs he is being asked to perform, where all a big plus with the employers.

This is why these courses work so well, they were written by working shift bosses to outline exactly what they would what you to know before you set foot of site on their crew.

So where to from here, first of all if there are any journalists reading this that would like to follow up on this story, both myself and my friends friend are happy to talk about how it worked out for him. This is a great story about how you can educate yourself into getting a mining job.

Now, there are a couple of different ways you can go, if you are not sure mining is for you then do the Australian Mining seminar, this includes how to make yourself a mining friendly resume. I go through step by step what I did when making my friends friend resume mining friendly.

Australian mining seminar $33 including gst

Or if you have decided to have a go at doing it yourself then you can buy the four online courses that we recommend for new starters, this will give you the mining knowledge needed to allow you to shine in the interview. This includes the Australian Mining seminar

Do it yourself $380 including gst
Do it Yourself - $380.00

Lastly, if you want my help. For $520 you get all the online courses including the Australian mining seminar and 2 half hour session with me to sort out your resume, go through interview skills and cover any questions you have. If you are in Perth I am more than happy to meet at a dome or coffee club north of the river to review you stuff in person. If you are on the east coast, then we will have to do it over the phone which works just as well. If I am happy that you have learned what is in the courses and now have a good mining knowledge I am more than happy for you to put me on your resume saying that I have reviewed your mining knowledge and I am happy with your standards.

Need some help $799 including gst
Work Ready - $799.00

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