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15 important facts about Australian mining

15 important facts that every new starter needs to know about the Australian mining industry. The boom is back on, with strong demand for workers in all the hardrock underground mines across Australia. The industry requires people from across the population, for a varity of skills and jobs. There are 1000’s of these well paid…
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How to start your mining career making $350-$480 a day

I first started in the Hardrock mining industry at the end of 1994, I know how the system works and more importantly I know what the employer wants. An experienced person. When I say “experienced” it’s not what everyone thinks. The employers want people that know the rules and systems of work that the large…
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8 days to get a job

I recently help a friend of a friend get a job in the mining industry. It was the middle of June 2017 and he was the first person that I have help in a while due to ill health. After he did the Underground Training courses that I recommended and I made his resume mining…
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