How mining knowledge helps you to get the job

To all those looking to get into the Hardrock Mining Industry, there has never been a better time. With 100's of jobs going all over the country, that someone with the right amount of mining knowledge can/should apply for. It's that mining knowledge that gives the foreman the confidence to hire you, starting your new career in the mining industry.

Here at the mining coach we have have a package called "Do it yourself" for the new starter to the Hardrock mining industry. We have set it up so someone with the minimum of a computer and online connection can study the mining information required, construct a mining friendly resume, then start applying for jobs that are sent to you in a bi-weekly email. Doing all this in your own time from home.

It costs $270 and contains the four Underground Training courses that are shown in the video. These courses give you the mining knowledge to impress the foreman, which leads to you getting the job. It includes the Australian mining seminar which out lines the industry today, employment hot spots as well as a step by step instructions on how to produce a mining friendly resume.

Once you sign up for the package it includes a bi-weekly email (Wednesday and Friday) containing all the jobs you need to apply for. If you have any questions please leave a message on the link provided.

Do it yourself $380
Do it Yourself - $380.00
All payments are taken through our parent company, Underground Training's, payment system to assist with the processing of logins for both the seminar and online courses.

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